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Did you know Michael C. Hall is coming to Broadway in THE REALISTIC JONESES?

I do know! Altough, of course, it will be impossible for me to have the privilege of seeing him live it’s such fantastic to know he’s coming back to stage. Besides feat Toni Collette, Marisa Tomei and Tracy Letts, amazing.

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Michael during Dexter SDCC Panels 2009-2013.

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Dexter cast during San Diego Comic Con 2013.

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“In 25 years, there’s going to be a new series called Harrison and Dexter will have died, and [he’s] going to be his dead, internalized father.” Michael C. Hall during SDCC 2013.

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Michael C. Hall is hotter than EVERYONE in whole endless Universe, Amen.


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I wanna meet michael c hall, ive been obssesed with him for forever, im 13 . how do i meet him ? do i buy a ticket or something, im willing to fly to l.a. or where ever

It’s really amazing that you being so young you admire Michael, I mean his everything is so powerful I’m glad he can achieve to obsesse people like you. I wish I’d know how to meet Michael, I mean I wish it were somehow like a magic trick or something but no. I guess that people from the US are lucky when he’s on set or some other people I’ve seen that met him while doing shopping but I think that it’s something that needs to happen by chance or the Comic Con (that he waves fans) or interviews because he’s always really polite to fans and he takes pictures. Fortunately he’s charming everywhere and he doesn’t do meet and greets in where you have to spend all your money for a picture. 
Still, interviews are the best way to meet Michael and also I know you can send him a letter, at least that’s what I knew while he’s filming Dexter. 

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